Administering Medicines

We have a policy in place regarding the above which has been discussed with parents regarding the administration of medicine to children whilst in our care.

If medicine is to be given, it includes the following;-

  • Medicines are stored in their original containers, clearly labeled and out of reach of children.
  • Pre-school will NOT administer the first dose.
  • Parents must give a written time of when the next dose must be administered.
  • Prescribed medicines only are administered.
  • The parent must give prior written permission to administer each medication
  • If medicines administered, then clear records are kept at pre-school, and parents should sign the record to acknowledge this.
  • In the event of technical or medical knowledge being required for the administering of medicines, then individual training would be provided for staff from a qualified health professional. The training would be specific to the individual child concerned.

Where ever possible, in the event of an emergency, we will make every effort to contact the parent to authorize the administering of any emergency treatments.  All parents should sign the pre-school admission form which authorises that in the event of an emergency, any necessary urgent medical assistance may be sought/given to a child.

No non prescribed drugs are held at pre-school. In the event of a child becoming ill or complaining of feeling ill whilst in our care, we will contact the parent to deal with this.