Allegations of Child Abuse Made Against a Member of Staff

Our pre-school expects the highest standards of behavior from our staff.

Our aim is to:

  • Create a safe environment at the pre-school
  • Respect and protect adults and children’s rights
  • Ensure that all staff are suitable to work in the pre-school
  • Protect staff against malicious allegations

The pre-school will check and monitor its staff by:

  • Taking references
  • Vetting and clearance by the DBS
  • Monitoring of staff and other adults by supervisors during sessions

Any member of staff that has suspicions about another member of staff should inform the settings Safeguarding Officer immediately. At present this person is Caroline Hunter. If it is the Safeguarding officer who is under suspicion then it should be reported to the next most senior staff member. All suspicions and evidence of abuse will be thoroughly documented and kept confidentially.

Suspicions or allegations of child abuse made against a member of staff will be referred using the flowcharts (either the ‘abuse of a child’ or ‘suspicions against a staff member’ flowcharts) on the notice board in the back room by the Safeguarding Officer. The pre-school will refer to the relevant children’s assessment and family support or emergency duty team (Child Protection Committee) and Ofsted will be informed.

Allegations of child abuse against a member of staff will be treated in the strictest confidence. People who are authorized to know of the allegations in the pre-school will be the supervisor and the Child Protection Officer.

The pre-school will encourage its staff to cooperate with the investigation in any way it can and will act impartially.

The pre-school will suspend the staff member during the period of investigation, the reasons for the suspension will remain confidential and normal confidentiality rules apply to all staff should they become aware of the circumstances.

When the investigation is completed, the pre-school will implement the pre-school disciplinary proceedings (which are held and implemented by the committee) and take advice from Ofsted to determine the future of the member of staff at the pre-school