Fee Payment Policy

Pre-school fees are payable each half term.

Fees continue to be payable whenever a child is absent from an agreed attendance day.

In cases of prolonged absence (illness), the parent/guardian should consult the pre-school leader or a member of the committee regarding an arrangement to be agreed.

Each child’s place is conditional upon continued payment of fees

Invoices are sent out at the beginning of each half term for fixed sessions and should be settled within 2 weeks of receipt of the invoice or no later than 3 weeks into the half term.

All extra sessions are invoiced at the end of each half term, the fees for extra sessions are payable within 2 weeks of receipt of the invoice.

If a child is old enough to receive funding (1st term after a child turns 3 years old) any extra sessions taken above the government funded allowance will be charged at £11.25 per 3 hour session.

If the child is not yet old enough to receive funding, any sessions will be charged at £11.25 per 3 hour session.

Pre-school receive a summary of each child’s fees. (If parent /guardian loses invoice the amount owed can be checked with pre-school staff)

Should the fees go in arrears by 1 week a reminder text will be sent from the Pre-school phone (07591979051) and the amount should be settled at the earliest opportunity.

Failing the above, the parent/guardian will be approached by a member of staff or a member of the pre-school committee to try to reach a resolution.