Induction for New Staff

  • Bamford Pre-school aims to create an open and supportive environment. All staff are encouraged to ask about anything they are unsure of.

    As a UK registered charity, Bamford Pre-school works to the UK Charity Commissions requirements. As an Ofsted-registered provider, Bamford Pre-school works to the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines to set standards for the learning, development and care of children. The Pre-school Leader supports staff in locating relevant information and requirements.

    Regular staff meetings take place throughout the year (usually prior to the start of each term and fortnightly during term time). If a member of staff would like to discuss anything outside of these meetings, the Pre-school Leader and Chair (or other committee members) are happy to meet to discuss any suggestions / concerns as required. The Pre-school Leader and Deputy attend the committee meetings (which take place regularly) and share any relevant information. Staff are welcome to attend committee meetings if they wish and are encouraged to attend the AGM.

    All staff must have a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

    All staff must read Pre-school’s policies and risk assessments and sign to confirm they will adhere to them. These records are updated annually, or more often if there are significant changes.

    During working hours, staff must keep all personal belongings in the kitchen, and mobile phones in the box provided.

    Core hours of work are 8.45am – 12.15pm for morning sessions; 11.45am – 15.15 for afternoon sessions and 8.45am – 15.15 for all day sessions. Staff meetings and updating paperwork may need to take place outside of core hours. The Pre-school Leader will advise who is required and when (as not all staff may be needed). Appropriate reimbursement will be agreed in advance for any additional work.

    Session planning takes place at least a half term in advance, staff plan for their individual key children. A copy of their half termly planning is placed on the notice board for all staff to see.  There is a plan of day-to-day running on the staff notice board and which staff member is on what duty. This details the daily routine, as well as who is leading and who is involved in each activity. A briefing and guide will be given in advance of each activity. Staff are encouraged to ask if there is anything they are unsure about.

    All Pre-school information must be stored in accordance with Pre-school’s data protection policy. Any confidential information must be kept in the locked filing cabinet in the back room.

    Recent information is displayed on the noticeboards, including the latest parent/carer newsletters, general correspondence, speed/colour of the week and Ofsted report. Staff are required to keep themselves up to date with relevant information.