Prior consent is gained by parents/carers for their child to leave the premises during pre-school hours, this consent is written in the application form and signed.

A risk assessment is completed and signed by all attending the outing.

A pre packed bag is taken with:

  • First Aid Box.
  • Camera
  • Anti-bacterial wipes/ gel
  • Risk Assessment
  • Whistle
  • Register
  • Spare changes of clothes- boy/girl
  • Phone
  • List of parent contact details
  • Any child medication needed

High visibility vests will be worn by all children and the leader of the group for the duration of the outing.

  • Ensure the ratio between adults and children is correct.
  • All children stop at the blowing of a whistle.
  • Before the outing staff discuss with the children about the outing, dangers/limits/behaviour/how to behave while out.
  • Children to hold on to polo rope at all times.
  • If near the edge of water, the adult must hold the child’s hand, ensuring they are not stood too close to the water’s edge, and use polo rope.
  • All adults are usually pre-school staff and if necessary parent helpers.
  • A member of staff will supervise group activities at all times.
  • A member of staff will be at the back and the front of the group.
  • Children should follow the leader in a safe way.
  • Children will walk on the footpath, whereever possible, with an adult on the outside of the child.
  • Children are encouraged to use a toilet before an outing. Wherever possible public toilets are used. Only DBS checked adults can take children to the toilet.
  • If animals are touched, the usual hand washing procedure should take place, if this is not possible anti-bacterial wipes are used.
  • Regular counts of children are made throughout the outing.






In the unlikely event of a missing/lost child, all children gathered to a safe area a register will be taken and:-


  • A qualified member of staff will be left in charge of the group.
  • Other staff and parent helpers to search surrounding area.
  • Regular updates by mobile phone to be given back to main group.
  • If by 10 minutes the lost/missing child is not found the police will be called and then the parents.
  • Continued searching until police arrive and other help sourced by additional parents to safely return remaining children back to pre-school.