Observation, Assessment and Record Keeping

By observing children in a systematic way, using either written notes, a selection of their work or photographic evidence, we are able to focus on each child individually, assess progress and plan next steps/experiences in line with that child’s interests and needs, following the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

We achieve this by:

  • Ensuring staff make observations on all children, which together with information from parents is used by a child’s key person to make assessments of that child’s development and learning.
  • By recording the observation and assessment process in an individual Learning Record, which is a shared document between the child, the parents and the pre-school. We encourage parents to make comments/observations with regard to their child’s achievements on the feedback forms.

The childs records will move with the child to their next educational setting and be continued by the staff in that setting until the end of Foundation Stage. All data within a child’s learning record is subject to our Safeguarding, Data Protection and Confidentiality policies.