Special Education Needs

  • The group observes an equal opportunities policy where all children are accepted irrespective of ethnic background, spoken language, ability or religious beliefs.
  • Applications for children with Special Educational Needs are treated no less favorably than applications for other children providing the group can provide effectively for the child’s needs.
  • Our Special Needs policy adheres to the D.F.E.E. Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs.
  • It is our policy to integrate the provision for children with special needs wherever possible.
  • The Learning Support Division of the L.E.A. will be contacted to support co-ordinate approaches to meeting the special educational needs of children in the group.
  • Professionals will be consulted and extra staffing appointed where necessary and possible.
  • A member of staff (AR) is appointed with Special Educational Needs as part of their job description and is responsible for identifying and meeting the educational needs of the children in the group with support of all other staff.
  • Parents will be informed of any concerns about their child and of any suggested actions in response to these concerns.
  • Assessment of all children is on going. A folder of work and records on each child are kept as a way of monitoring all children’s progress.
  • Where there is concern about a child’s progress or behaviour, parents are informed and the child may be placed on the Register for Special Needs as outlined in the DFEE Code of Practice for Children with Special Needs.
  • Pre-school has access to area and district SENCO Sue Firth Jones

Statement of Intent

We provide an environment in which all children are supported to reach their full potential.


  • We have regard for the DFES Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
  • We include all children in our provision
  • We provide practitioners to help support parents and children with special educational needs (SEN)/disabilities
  • We identify the specific needs of children with SEN/disabilities and meet those needs through a range of strategies
  • We work in partnership with parents and other agencies in meeting individual children’s needs
  • We monitor and review our practice and provision and, if necessary, make adjustments


  • We designate a member of staff to be Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and the named person is listed on the pre-school notice board.
  • We provide a statement showing how we provide for children with SEN/disabilities.
  • We ensure that the provision for children with SEN/disabilities is the responsibility of all members of the setting
  • We ensure that our inclusive admissions practice ensures equality of access and opportunity
  • We ensure that our physical environment is as far as possible suitable for children with disabilities
  • We work closely with parents of children with SEN/disabilities to create and maintain a positive partnership
  • We ensure that parents are informed at all stages of the assessment, planning, provision and review of their children’s education though regular I,E,P’s (individual education plans).
  • We provide parents with information on sources of independent advice and support
  • We liaise with other professionals involved with children with SEN/disabilities and their families, including transition arrangements to other settings and schools
  • We use the graduated response system for identifying, assessing and responding to children’s special educational needs
  • We provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children with SEN/disabilities
  • We provide a differentiated curriculum to meet individual needs and abilities
  • We use a system of planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing individual educational plans (IEPs) for children with SEN/disabilities
  • We ensure that children with SEN/disabilities are appropriately involved at all stages of the graduated response, taking into account their levels of ability
  • We use a system for keeping records of the assessment, planning, provision and review for children with SEN/disabilities
  • We provide resources (human and financial) to implement our SEN/disability policy
  • We ensure the privacy of children with SEN/disabilities when intimate care is being provided
  • We provide in-service training for practitioners and volunteers
  • We raise awareness of any specialism the setting has to offer e.g. B.S.L trained staff.
  • We ensure the effectiveness of our SEN/disability provision by collecting information from a range of sources e.g. IEP reviews, staff and management meetings, parental and external agencies views, inspections and complaints. This information is collated, evaluated and reviewed annually