Staff Sickness and Absence Policy

Bamford Pre-school recognises that employees may be absent from the organisation for a variety of reasons. To ensure that all staff are treated in a consistent and equitable manner, this document provides the framework for dealing with such circumstances.

Absence: whether due to illness or any other circumstances is defined (for the purpose of this document) as the non-attendance of workers when they are contracted to attend.


  • Any sickness/absence should be reported to the Pre-school Leader by 7.30am, by telephoning her personal mobile (all staff should take a note of this) giving a clear indication of the nature of the illness/absence and a likely return date. (It is the responsibility of the staff member to ensure their absence has been received by the manager- so a left message or text is not acceptable). The staff member is required if possible to find cover from the staff bank list.
  • If no cover can be found the Leader should then report the sickness/absence to the Chair who will then look at other ways of providing cover.
  • Sickness absence which exceeds seven days requires an employee to obtain a  ‘Fit Note’ from their GP.
  • A ‘Return to Work Discussion’ with Leader will take place after each ‘long term’ period of sickness/absence. This is to establish the reason for and cause of the absence, to consider whether there is anything the manager or organisation can do to help and to confirm that the employee is fit to return to work.
  • The Leader’s ‘Return to Work Discussion’ should take place with the Chair or another Committee member, as nominated by the Chair.
  • A more formal review will be triggered by: frequent short-term absences eg three periods of absence in a six month period; or after any long term absence.
  • Absences of one to three days will be considered as ‘short term’ absence.
  • Absences of four days or more will be considered as ‘long term’ absence.
  • If an explanation for absence is not forthcoming or considered to be unsatisfactory, disciplinary procedures will apply.
  • All records relating to staff absence/sickness will be stored confidentially and securely.

Sick Pay

  • Normal statutory sick pay applies. Please refer to your individual contract of employment.


  • Absence relating to pregnancy will be recorded separately from sickness records. Employees are entitled to reasonable time-off with pay, to attend antenatal clinics. Statutory Maternity Pay will apply as appropriate. Staff should endeavour to make routine appointments outside of work time where possible.


  • Absence relating to disability will be recorded separately from sickness records. We work within the framework of the ‘Equality Act 2010’ to ensure an inclusive and anti-discriminatory approach.

Time Off For Dependants

  • In emergencies where normal childcare arrangements break down or where an employee is primarily or solely responsible for a child, dependent relative or partner who becomes ill or incapable, then an employee can request up to two days leave to organize appropriate care. This leave will be unpaid and the request should be made to the Leader as soon as a problem is identified

Time off for Medical Appointments

  • Where possible, appointments for Doctor, Dentist, Optician, Hospital etc. should be made outside of normal working hours. Where this is not possible time taken will be unpaid.

Bereavement/Compassionate Leave

  • Please refer to individual contract of employment.

Annual Leave/Holiday Entitlement

  • Please refer in individual contract of employment.

For further guidance on all matters relating to sickness and absence, including your rights as an employee and the relative legislation please refer to guidance found at and/or These sites were also used as a point of reference/guidance in the process of creating this document.