Our daily routine

We open at 9am and both children and parents/carers receive a warm welcome as they enter the pre-school doors.  Children quickly become familiar with the routine of putting their coats and bags on the right hook with their name on it and then waving goodbye to parents/carers in time for registration.

Each day we have a different key activity, for example cooking or gardening and every week there is a colour and a phonics speed sound of the week.  Children are encouraged to bring in an item that begins with the speed sound or is the colour of the week and then present it to the rest of the group – this is a fun way to learn and also develops confidence.

As well as daily storytelling, we encourage reading at home with our own lending library where children can borrow books to take home  – the children love selecting the books and talking about them afterwards – we believe that developing a love of books at an early age is really important.

Although our sessions are structured, children are encouraged to explore the indoor and outdoor toys and interact with other children freely during the session.  From 10.30am we have a ‘rolling snack’ with a healthy choice of food plus water or milk drink, which the children can help themselves to.

We always end the session with story which helps to relax the children after a busy time at pre-school.

A typical morning at Bamford Pre-school:

  • 9.00 Arrive, settle and register
  • 9.10 Speed Sound and colour of the week
  • 9.20 Activities
  • 10.00 Free flow outdoors
  • 10.30 Rolling snack
  • 11.00 Songs and Rhymes
  • 11.10 Physical play
  • 11.45 Story & coats on
  • 12.00 Home time

Opening Times

Monday 9am – 12pm
Tuesday 9am – 3pm
Wednesday 9am – 12pm
Thursday 9am – 3pm
Friday 9am – 12pm