Lone Staff Working Policy

  • When child numbers are low in a particular session, pre-school will only be staffed by two staff members however this still falls well within acceptable child to carer ratios. Where possible, both staff members will be qualified to at least NVQ 3 or equivalent but when this isn’t possible we have made sure, through stringent recruitment procedures, that staff are experienced and DBS checked and first aid trained.
  • During session, if a member of staff has to leave, to take a child to the toilet or go to the toilet themselves for example, it is impractical to take all remaining children with them so as not to exceed ratio guidelines. At this point staff member 1 will make staff member 2 aware of their intentions to leave and staff member 2 will then oversee all children until staff member 1 returns. Normal service can then be resumed.
  • While there are only two staff members working in a session, free flow to the outside is possible, but the back room or main room must close to use for children. Both staff will be aware of the other and ready for any emergency.
  • For the purposes of the ratios staff working in the kitchen, preparing or tidying up after snack, are still counted as it is possible to oversee the children through the hatch.

All staff and committee members agree to the above working practices.