December, 2015

It’s been a busy and exciting few months at Bamford Pre-School and everyone involved is pleased to have been assessed as ‘Good’ by OFSTED in a recent inspection. Well done to all the staff, volunteers and of course the little ones who make the Methodist School Rooms next to Bamford Primary School such a fun place to spend those formative years.

They’re not resting on their laurels though and there’s a new programme of stimulating daily events in place including Muddy Mondays, Arts & Crafts Tuesday, Baking & Making Wednesday, Welly Walk Thursday, Gardening and Nature Friday. Now each day children come home with something they’ve made or a story to tell about their adventures.

Younger children are now welcome to enrol too, as the entry age has been lowered to two from two and a half, providing a good value community-based childcare option for parents of younger children as well as the chance for siblings to spend longer together at Pre-School before the older ones graduate to reception class. The Pre-School has a first-rate relationship with Bamford Primary School next door, enjoying visits to the ‘big playground’ and regularly sharing welly walks and events such as sports day with the older children in order to prepare children for life at school.

Caroline Hunter, Pre-School Leader, comments: “We have a great group of children at Pre-School and it’s lovely to see them flourish by learning and playing in such a nourishing environment. Our new timetable of activities just creates that extra buzz and excitement and it’s super having younger children around the place giving the older ones chance to nurture them and act as role models.”

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