Bamford Pre-school’s ‘Journey through Science Week’

This month, Bamford pre-schoolers enjoyed participating in British Science Week (8th-17th March); a national educational initiative celebrating all things STEM* related. This year the daily experiments and discoveries were around the theme ‘Journeys’.

As part of this initiative, the children enjoyed becoming chemists for the day during a special masterclass with local business owner Bob Webster. Bob is based at the Hope Valley Garden Centreand kindly volunteered to show the children how ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, critic acid, witch hazel and essential oils can ‘journey’ to become luxurious bath bombs. The results were very successful and popular with children and parents alike!

Caroline Hunter, Bamford Pre-school Leader said “Bob’s interactive session was great; the kids loved getting involved mixing all the ingredients. Bringing STEM to life through hands on exploration and creation is something we are passionate about. This workshop clearly helped our children understand how science is working in everyday items”.

Bob thoroughly enjoyed the session too, commenting “Having worked in education for a number of years, I was hugely impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and understanding. All the children loved getting involved and hopefully we have helped inspire future chemists. It was great fun and I’d love to come back again!”

As well as Bob’s workshop, during the week the pre-schoolers enjoyed learning about the velocity of different liquids, how a hungry caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, creating wind socks to understand how wind travels, reading maps and identifying scientific and mathematical influences on their journeys to pre-school. 

The initiative is part of Bamford Pre-school’s commitment to creating a fun learning environment, helping each child develop their social skills, creativity and confidence in preparation for school.  

Bamford Pre-school is open Monday – Friday during term time, including Breakfast Clubs. For more information please visit: or call 07591 979051. 

Bob’s artisan toiletries and candles can be found in ‘Greenstone and Ivy’ at Hope Valley Garden Centre. 

[*STEM stands for Science, technology, engineering and maths]

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