Happy Harvesters!

Bamford Pre-school started the new academic year celebrating all things autumnal! This included a visit to a local orchard, where our pre-schoolers enjoyed picking fruit, including blackberries, apples and plums. It was a great opportunity for the children to learn about the lifecycle of plants, the changing seasons and where our food comes from. Our little ones put this learning into practice by making some delicious apple muffins from their harvest!


Caroline Hunter, Pre-school Leader, commented “We aim to tie our learning closely to the world around us, whether this is through trips, visitors, activities and the books we read. Our children loved our orchard trip, from taking the bus, to working together collecting the fruit.”

It wasn’t just a celebration of the nutritious value of fruits but also their artistic value, as the children use ‘blackberry paint’ to create some fantastic masterpieces!


Exploring the world around us is part of Bamford Pre-school’s commitment to creating a fun learning environment. This approach helps each child develop their social skills, creativity and confidence in preparation for school.

Bamford Pre-school is open Monday – Friday during term time, including Breakfast Clubs. Opening hours are:

  • Monday and Wednesday 9am – 1pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am – 3pm

For more information please visit: www.bamfordpreschool.co.uk, call 07591 979051 or email: bamfordpreschool@hotmail.co.uk



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