Sponsored walk and litter pick

Do you want to help with Bamford Pre-school’s latest fundraiser and our biggest litter pick challenge to date?

Usually in the Summer term, pre-school enjoys a fun day with a Park Ranger learning about the importance of protecting our local environment, including a local litter pick. Given Covid-19 we can’t do this this term but we would still like to share this learning.

Coupled with this, pre-school has lost out on vital funds due to the pandemic through cancelled planned fundraising events and lost funding from fees. As a small local charity this has a significant impact so the need to raise funds is bigger than ever. We want to ensure pre-school can continue to provide a fun, nurturing setting for our wonderful pre-schoolers and families, now and for future years. To assist with this, we need your help please!

We are inviting all our pre-schoolers to litter pick in their local area whilst walking one mile in the process. This means as a collective effort, our pre-schoolers will have walked from Bamford to Sheffield and back TWICE!

The challenge will be done anywhere in or around Bamford, or near our pre-schoolers’ house if they live further away.

Throughout June.

We understand that Covid-19 has had significant negative impacts and brought additional pressures to many but if you feel able to get involved and donate please do. Please also encourage family, friends and neighbours to sponsor pre-school’s challenge – the more support the better!

Funds can be donated though Bamford Pre-school’s Give As You Live fundraising site, using the yellow collection tin in The Anglers Post Office/Cafe area or collected (safely) through the attached sponsorship form fundraising-walk-and-litter-pick-sponsorship-form-june-2020-finalDownload

Please could all funds be given to pre-school by Wednesday 1st July.

Thanks to Bamford & Thornhill Parish Council, we have hand-held litter pickers for our pre-schoolers to use, as well as Hi-Vis vests. To arrange collection of litter pickers and/or Hi-Vis vests, please contact pre-school. All socially distanced guidelines will be followed, cleaned with anti-bacterial spray etc. We would advise all to use your own gloves during your litter pick.

For further guidance on litter picking given Covid-19, please click here

Thank you very much for your support in making this a really successful fundraiser for Bamford Pre-school!


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