A boost to Bamford Pre-school’s gardening and water play thanks to Severn Trent

As for everyone, the last few months have been very strange for Bamford Pre-school, usually at this time of year we would be highlighting the many visitors and trips we have enjoyed. Instead, over the last few months the team and committee have worked hard in challenging circumstances to support all our children and families. We were delighted to re- open as soon as we were allowed, albeit it to reduced numbers due to government guidance, with our support focused on our key worker children and helping our school leavers be ‘big school ready’ for September.

Everyone at Bamford Pre-school is looking forward to having all our wonderful pre-schoolers and new starters back. We plan and hope this will be from September (depending on the current government guidance at that time).

Bamford Pre-school loves the outdoors, and, over the last few months, our pre-schoolers’ ‘green fingers’ have certainly been in action, planting and tending to our ever-expanding flower and vegetable beds. Fortunately our pre-schoolers’ green fingers will benefit from an extra boost thanks to Severn Trent. As part of Severn Trent’s commitment to their local community, their Bamford base has kindly donated over £150 worth of equipment including watering cans, garden tools, water toys, a water butt and a much needed outdoor storage unit. This donation will enhance pre-school’s current toys and equipment helping our little ones learn through nature and water play, as well as looking after our natural environment.
Huge thanks to Severn Trent for the generous donation.

Despite Covid-19 resulting in many planned fundraising events being cancelled or rescheduled, Bamford Pre-school’s efforts have been well supported by the generosity of so many pre-school’s supporters:

  • Thanks to family, friends and neighbours’ sponsorship, our pre-schoolers litter pick challenge raised over £550
  • £150 was raised by our talented pre-schoolers creating wonderful artwork for keepsake bags
  • Donations from Bamford residents and beyond enabled our charity bag collection to bring in £500 – a record collection for pre-school.

As Caroline Hunter, Pre-school Leader commented “There is no doubt that the last few months have been challenging for all of us. However we feel very fortunate at Bamford Pre- school – the dedication of the staff & the committee, our understanding families and support from all pre-school’s friends have been fantastic. And of course, our wonderful pre-schoolers whose thirst for knowledge and fun never diminishes! We are really looking forward to the next academic year and would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters, friends and families who help make Bamford Pre-school the special place it is for our children!”

Bamford Pre-school is open Monday – Friday during term time.
For more information please visit: http://www.bamfordpreschool.co.uk, call 07591 979051 or email: bamfordpreschool@hotmail.co.uk


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