Local artist visits Bamford Pre-school

Bamford Pre-school’s budding artists had the opportunity to develop their talents with local artist and Bamford resident, Jenny Mather, who came to deliver a colourful painting session.

A renowned Artist and qualified Art Therapist, Jenny was very generous with her time, tailoring two workshops for both younger and older children.

The children banished any grey skies with the colourful rainbows they painted. The process of mixing colours gave the children the opportunity to share their paints and work together as a group. As well as ‘traditional’ painting, the children had fun learning about different textures and experimenting by painting with fruit and vegetables…….possibly inspiration for the next Turner Prize!

Jenny commented, “It has been a real pleasure working with the children. They all worked together really well, with the older children helping the younger ones. There was a lot of enthusiasm for messy painting too!”

Caroline Hunter, Bamford Pre-school Manager said “We are really fortunate to have visitors like Jenny to help with our creative learning approach. The children were really engaged during the session, learning lots whilst having a lot of fun too! Huge thanks to Jenny for such interactive sessions”.


The session is part of Bamford Pre-school’s commitment to creating a fun learning environment, helping each child develop their social skills, creativity and confidence.  

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