Next week the staff and children at Bamford Pre-school will celebrate British Science Week (9-18th March) with daily experiments around this year’s theme, exploration and discovery.

During the seven-day celebration of all things scientific the children will explore the outdoors by creating their own bug hotel, grow their own beans, investigate how water freezes and melts by freezing toys in ice and helping them escape, create giant bubbles and even make their own ocean in a bottle!

The children will also receive a masterclass in magnets thanks to Nyah’s Dad Phil, who has very kindly volunteered to run a special session all about recycling – using his skills and experience from working as Environment Manager at Tata Steel – to show the children how magnets can be used to test what is steel and what isn’t.

Pre-school Leader Caroline Hunter said: “Kids love to explore, create and discover – so British Science Week is perfect for pre-school! Our activities will introduce STEM* to the children in a fun and interactive way and we hope that we can in some way inspire the scientists and engineers of the future.”

*STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

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